What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?

What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?
What is IoT
IoT networks are physical items, vehicles, home appliances that are connected with electronics, sensors, software, and connectivity.

All these are used for connect, collect, and data exchange.

Internet of things are primarily linked to internet connectivity.

But not just smartphones, computers are involved in this.

Any material items are embedded from internet technology. And any physical thing that is controlled from the Internet.

Example: (Examples of IoT Internet of things)

1. Have a CCTV camera in your house.
And if you want to monitor it then you are sitting anywhere in the world, you can see and control your CCTV footage.

2. ABC is a car company and the company has to check its performance on the same road as its own.

With the help of Internet of Things, it will collect all the data of the car via the internet.

Such as the car’s RPM, engine oil level etc. And by analyzing all these data the company will know whether there is a problem in the car or not.

If there is any problem then he can contact the customer and he can fix it before any major problem can be done.

3. Useful in Smart Home. All the lights, fans, home appliances in the house can be controlled with the help of smartphones.

4. Medical and health care Today you must have heard the name of the fitness band or smart watch, it is an IoT devices. Apart from this, there are many devices that show the medical data of your body.

5. Tracking and monitoring system of DHL.
DHL is a courier company. We saw many examples from which the smart home device is tracked.

This tracking system controls the packages taken from every single movement.

6. Recently, if you have heard of RGB LED lights, you will know that you can change the color of the LED from your smart phone.

And make the house colorful according to your mind.

7. The use of IoT in the industry has started increasing. If there is a fault in the machine, then the engineers sitting in other countries know.

From these examples you might have come to understand what IoT is.

How can you teach IoT? how to learn IoT
Firstly you will understand the concepts of Basic Electronics.

After that you will have to learn the micro controllers like Arduino, Node Mcu etc.

Along with that, you should also be aware of Basic Electrical.

One thing that is important in IoT is that real time data.

Many cloud companies have their IoT cloud services, which provide real time data. Which you can use

Such as Microsoft Azure, Amazons Web Services, google’s Firebase etc.

The IBM company is also working in IoT.

Why is it important to learn Internet of things?
It is estimated that 2020 will be 21 billion Devices of IoT. From this, you can estimate how good IoT’s future (future of IoT) is.

History of Iot
In 1982, the Research Center of Carnegie Mellon University made the world’s first IoT device.

There is no doubt that day-to-day changes in mobile technology are changing.

Well IoT is also going to make much progress.

There will also be a time when all the devices and machines that you can think of will be connected to AI (Artificial intelligence).

IoT sensors:
Significant importance of sensors is in full part in IoT.

Here are the names of some sensors.

1. Pressure sensor 2. Water quality sensor 3. Temperature sensors 4. IR sensors 5. Proximity sensor 6. Smoke sensor

IoT projects:

There are some projects you can start with.

The water level indicator that infuses itself as a level of water.
Air pollution meter can be used to find out how much air pollution you have outside your home.
Home automation project If you have a little knowledge of Electric, you can create this project.
Smart door: If the door opens or binds you get informed.
Raspberry Pi: This is a small computer, you can create multiple projects with the help of programing in it.
Google Home and Alexa: Using these, you can do the same as the machine will work by speaking.
Smart camera: You can create a smart camera made by IoT.
Anti theft vehicle: This trick is used to protect someone from being stolen from the vehicle.
Automatic Street Lighting system using IoT: You can create a model of this type, as the vehicle will run, as the lights will turn on.
temprature and humidity monitor: You can control automatic humidity and temprature in this project.
Friends IoT is a very big topic. IoT machine to machine (M2M) can also communicate.

There may be many improvements in automation from IoT.
A boy made a project above IoT. He had worked on the efficiency of the electric meter. And that was also connected to Wi-Fi.
Like many apps in smartphones, IoT has lots of uses as well.

You can think as much as you can by IoT.
You must tell us how it feels to you in this IoT or IoT.

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