What is Virtual Reality and How it Works ?

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Virtual is a technique in which we feel as though we are in the same world. Perhaps you have not heard about the Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality means that something that is not in reality but the one who sees it There is a feeling of being.

Friends, you can think of how this can happen, how can we see those things which are not only but friends, it is a technology in which you feel like real if you want to know more about it then let’s go. We will give you complete information about this in our today’s post What is Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality is a computer technology that is used to create a fantasy world that lets you feel that you are in that world. Virtual Reality is used for Applications related to High Visual Multimedia in 3D Environment.

Virtual Reality is a technique in which you experience being in the world generated by computer when we look at any movie, so that we feel like what is happening in front of us in Actual But Actual does not happen that is our imagination.

Artificial Environment in Virtual Reality is made with the help of special hardware and software, so that the user feels like the Artificial Environment Real Environment. Virtual Reality uses 3d and 360 Degree View Technology. In this video, You can roam back and see.

What is VR Box?
In Virtual Real Box, you can enjoy the theater sitting at home using your smart two lenses, with the help of a port to attach the mobile to it. Application of it You can download Google Cardboard in your phone’s Playstore is.

This app divides the mobile screen into two parts, the video is played in the port and you can use the earphone for good sound. After this you will feel like you are sitting in the theater. You can also see a 360-degree video or movie with 3d Movie in VR Box.

History of Virtual Reality
In 1838 the first stereoscope was invented, in which twin mirrors were used to project an image which was developed in View Master and it was patented in 1939.

The word Virtual Reality was first used during the 1980s when JPL Lanier, founder of VPL (Visual Program Lab Research), started developing gear including Goggles and Gloves which he called Virtual Reality.

Sega VR was announced in the Consumer Electronics Show in 1993 for the Sega Genesis Console, despite having four game developments, Prototype did not move beyond step. There was head tracking, stereo sound and LCD screen in Porto Type Headgear.

Wachowski depicted VR in cinemas in the brother-sister film “The Matrix” in 1999, in this film depicts a character who is living in a customized world.

Uses of Virtual Reality

VR Technology is also used in the Education Field. There are many things that are very important for training them before they are done.

It is very necessary to train them like doing brain surgery, space trip, landing a jumbo jet, doing jumping with parachute etc. To do all these things VR is used to do all these things.

In the Medical field, it is also used to perform various functions of Virtual Technology Use, it is used for surgical training and Drug Design, apart from using Telemedicine where Monitoring, Examining and Remotely Operate can also be done. .

Architecture Or Industrial Design
Earlier, the architecture was made at home design paper, but now Virtual Technology can design the sketches of House and Car on the computer screen, which everybody can see.

Today, Design of expensive trains, Design of Airplane etc. is done in the computer screen by VR Technology.

Games and Entertainment
From Car Race Games to Hd Games, VR Technology is being used everywhere, so the experience of playing game has become better and now the game has played many good things.

Now you get all of the game High Hd Quality, which makes it feel like we are in that game. This kind of experience is only through VR Technology.

Types of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is used as a Marketing Buzzword for Interactive Video Game as well as 3d Movies and Television programs, so in many ways VR is present in the Feature Market Let’s tell you about Virtual Reality.

Fully Impressive
For a full virtual reality, we need three things, one is to find the Vitual World of a Computer Model or Simulation, another is a powerful computer that can easily find what we are doing.

And accordingly, adjust our experience in real time, the hardware connected to the third computer, which we completely immerse in the virtual world

In this we have to wear an HMD (Head Mounted Display) and one or more Sensory Gloves with two Screen and Sterio.

Non Impressive
The best example of this is when computer scientists again create the attraction of lost habitations in 3D.

Those around whom you can move and find out that they can not get you hundreds or thousands of years back in the same place, nor give the sound and smell and flavor of that time, but they give you many more experiences about it Do it

This is a place in which many people communicate with each other from many locations. These people share their thoughts and experiences through a co-operative setting, hence it is called Collaborative Virtual, it is a method that Enables people to interact inside these environment and change the data.

Web Based
Virtual Reality was one of the fastest growing technologies in the early 1990’s, but its speed slowed due to the popularity of the WWW (World Wide Web), however, computer scientists had developed a way to create Virtual World on the Web. But this could not work much.

Augmented Reality
Use of Augmented Reality is used to create a sense of reality or illusion among people, it works in the environment to combine digitally available images and information such as what the users listen to, see the image and sound on them. Is mixed, which seems to be reality.

Disadvantage of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Many are expensive than others, not everyone can use VR technology.
You do good training in VR Technology but then it becomes difficult for them in Real World.
Many times the user gets used to it so that they feel that living in the virtual world is better than real world, which is not good for them.
Virtual Reality should not be shared with others because it increases the probability of fraud.
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